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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Should I or shouldn't I? Smear it on and see

what happens. Mom was always attached to

her Vicks VapoRub. She thought it would cure

just about anything. She would put it on our chests

and then cover us up with blankets. One time I was

so sick with a chest cold she made me swallow some

of it! ACkkkk The jar states CLEARLY Do not consume

internally! Well maybe back 45 years ago it didn't

say it that clear. Who knows.. I was small and I only

knew that lovely rub made it easier for me to breathe.

We wore a scarf around our neck with it on it, we put it

in a vaporizer and the aroma filled the whole house.

So yesterday I smeared it on my feet. Specifically the

bottoms near the ball of my foot. I placed some nice

warm socks on and went to bed. Miracle of miracles..

it worked. I could breathe easy and actually slept

for the first night in several days. This simple solution

kept me from having to smell it all night long as a

bonus. IT WORKS! So if you ever wonder.. Vicks or

No Vicks GO with the Vicks!!