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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Sorry it has been awhile since my last update...


June started a little crazy for us here. Doctor's visits, hospital tests and changes in every day living. Sister's condition went from simple to very complicated after many tests and consultations. Seems her immune system is compromised and now has to be reset with powerful drugs. I questioned the diagnosis, but with 4 doctor's opinions, and they are specialists, I agreed with their findings. Every day is a challenge, new side effects popping up. I have a watchful eye on her. This will go on for months so it keeps us busy with mapping out appointments on the calendar. I had a flash back yesterday to when I had to keep track of my mother's schedule with her dialysis, how hectic that was and how similar this illness seems to be. I find myself back in caregiver mode again, something I never thought would happen. I am glad at least I have the experience to deal with such an illness..

The weather warmed up and that was a blessing. It was time to put in the AC and stay cool. I purchased a very small one for just one room. Getting it up 14 stairs was no easy task, but one by one I did it. Securing it was another problem though. Old house and old windows..everything had to be re-enforced to make sure it did not fall out into our driveway. What in the world did they do in the OLD OLD days to keep cool without a fan I have no idea? They were tougher than me that's for sure.   This summer has been a cooler one than last year, easier to do chores and outside work is okay by me.

My tablet was not working, after three months using it, it decided it wanted to type words for me all the time and not charge when it said it was charging. I guess it had a mind of it's own. I called the company and paid the shipping to have them send me a new one. I got a call one afternoon ,after I sent it back, from OKLAHOMA...they apologized that they did not have the same model and would I like to try a larger size. YES, yes I would!! So they sent me a 10 inch size. Has been wonderful...comes in handy while sitting waiting for Sis in so many places. I still use the laptop every day, but boy I do love the new technology so much.  Hard to believe only 5 years ago when I had only a large desktop and monitor and no way to leave the room with it.  Love the freedom. 
Speaking of case I don't get back here hope you all have a 
it will be here before you know it. 

Friday, April 26, 2013


Lately I have been taking that combination of Cinnamon and honey.

I thought, why not it cannot hurt me. Looking over the information it seemed that it was a cure for just about every thing that ails a person. Well it didn't hurt and I think my throat really is a lot better because of it. The cinnamon kinda burned a little on the raw places but boy the next day.. SUCCESS!!  I give it big thumbs up!! I will keep it in mind for other the other things. Check out the information on it.. it seems to be a real eye-opener for me. How in the world it would help some things is amazing if it really does. 

Now on to the best cure in the world.. here is something you might not know..
According to ehow.."Vicks Vapo Rub was created by a company originally called the Vick Family Remedies Company. It was part of a line of products. Its success first peaked in 1918 with the onset of the Spanish flu pandemic in the United States. While the company was a family business, it was eventually bought by Procter & Gamble in an effort to round out the company's product line."

Now many other people make their own version of this salve, but I think the original one is more powerful and the best. No one will convince me that it doesn't work because it really does. YES, putting it on the balls of your feet and covering them with socks before bedtime works too. Some think it is only a mind thing, but for me... it worked. I never slept so well.  I thanked the person who invented this stuff again and again this past week. I just don't know where I would be all these years without it. Anyone who opens a jar will be transported back to their childhood.. it's a smell that you just never forget. 

The weather is turning warmer here this weekend.  Surely will help me I hope. I think I will find a spot to sit in the sun and let the warmth of it just soak my soul. It's been quite a while since we saw 75 here in my neck of the woods. Hope your weekend is wonderful!! 

Friday, August 3, 2012


FINALLY DONE..I am not looking back either. It took months to fill my storage unit and only weeks to empty it. I called as many places and people as I could to help me get things out of there. Price was going up and I just could not see keeping things forever in there. My aches and pains are subsiding now from all the lifting. Looky who I found..still the same as the day it was purchased and the original hair. Someday may it bring me good luck. This one is from the 60's and now they sell all kinds but the older ones are much better. Oh I am amazed that there wasn't  something terrible said about how they were  unclothed and such.Today people are so strict about such things.
In the 60's WE dressed them and WE did their hair. When I researched it on E bay some are selling for a high price. Think I will hold on to mine for a while longer.

Recently I read an article that set me to thinking about my profile photo. I picked a photo I really liked from thousands on Google images. I have used it for years, but this article convinced me that it may be a good idea to use one of my own photos from now on.I sure didn't want to get sued for some image that I thought was FREE.So I know now that I what I would choose would be something that I could be sure would be MINE alone. So, I went about changing all my profile photos every place I could think of. There were more than I thought. So guess I will just use a sunset or some other photo I like from now on. You won't see the woman sitting on the beach anymore. 

It has been terrible hot and humid here like most of the country right now. I fear this winter we will all be suffering the affects of this. Prices will be so much higher. Grab what you can cheap now ,stock up if you can. Wish I had a tank to buy gas cheap too and store it for wintertime. Twenty cent rise here in just one day. Just crazy!

Got news that someone in the extended family has end stage Leukemia, such a shock and sending prayers to the whole family. AND SO IT GOES ON...