Friday, June 21, 2013


Soo the other day we got  news on the old HELL HOUSE that stands next to the house we used to live in.  For those who don't know that house had a real crazy history. It housed drug dealers and felons and just about everyone in between. Skunks, opossums, deer, including black mold. This house is three blocks from our downtown, not out in the sticks. The local police only had to hear the name of the street and they KNEW which house they needed to go to.  So despite how bad the house was when it was left for over a year to sit and rot, someone jumped on the price the bank posted and moved in. They got the whole building for $300. down and $300 a month.. I kid you not.  A very large two story house with THREE apts in it. Okay there were tons of problems with it and they fixed them slowly and stayed in the house.  WE were okay with someone DECENT living there. Someone who would keep the house up. HAPPY.. Us.. the police, neighborhood etc were thrilled. 
SO recently we heard that the house was in ruins, inside and out. The family that got the house got mad because they had to move out. You get behind on payments you have to move... that is life. You sure don't wreck the house and leave it in ruins. THAT is just what they did though. I got a call from a former neighbor who told me people were going through the house ransacking it looking to see what they left inside the house when they left. Doors open, windows open, junk everywhere. I guess they tried to leave it the way they got it in the first place. It was a wreck inside. The BANK will not be happy to see what they did. I still say they should have just took the house and tore it down. Who knows, they may just do that in the future. I would guess there are thousands of dollars of damage inside. Amazing enough, the outside really doesn't show it so bad since it had been covered in newer siding. It sure will be interesting to see how long it sits empty this time. The longer it sits the worse it gets..the critters find ways inside and they sure do love it there.  Glad I don't live next door anymore. It just seems to never end there. 

(Reprinted from another post.)