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Friday, December 2, 2011


There is life in the old house again. Seems someone moved into our old home before the first snowflakes fell. Neighbors reported that curtains went up and the mailbox
was being used again. Seems weird after 56 years to have another person or family roaming around our old house. She's a real handful I must say. Sis and I both thought we should leave notes for any new owner. We told the realtor about the quirky way
the furnace works and how the oven is so old there are no longer parts for it. 
Guess they will just find out on their own. Gave the old neighborhood joy to see
the walks shoveled after this past weeks storm. The new owner is keeping it up
well. I hope it serves them as long and as well as it did our family.

Here, a Christmas Cactus that Dad bought mom years ago. It is still surviving despite being  moved,  and even trying to bloom. It may not make it for Christmas itself, but might get a bloom soon.  There's a story about that cactus. Seems Dad never was one for giving flowers or plants much. He went to visit someone and saw one in their house with so many blooms on it. So the checked out the local florist and they only had a few. None of them had a lot of blooms on it, but they offered to give him a discount if he bought one. Well Dad, loving the discount, bought the cactus and brought it home. Mom loved the surprise and fed it and cared for it and it eventually bloomed lovely dark pink blossoms. Over the years it got damaged and almost died. Mom repotted it at least 2 times and was nursing it still, right up until the time she passed. The plant was then passed to me to keep it going. I carried it to my apartment and it started to get a bloom in March.  The bloom promptly fell off  when I moved it one day. I was crushed. I was sure that moving it in the car would shock it, but apparently not. It seems to like where it is now.  Guess where I go maybe the plant will follow me. I can always try to keep it alive as long as possible. 


Saturday, June 4, 2011


Thought I should at least update once a month when I get time.. I truly miss my blogging time a lot. Journaling time has been cut too and that is just not good for me
as I tend to forget a whole lot these days with so much going on.  Here is the picture of the house we used to own. NOW that I don't LIVE there any more I can finally show you it and all it's glory.  Three floors including the basement! Sixty years of STUFF! 
It is finally empty! Took a lot of time to do and lots of sweat and black and blue spots to prove it. Looks a lot better from a distance but I assure you up close you would see
all it's problems. To the side is a large double driveway in dire need of sealcoating and a two car garage. YES, it was full of STUFF too. NO, I didn't call it junk, because it had some very useful things in it.  Imagine trying to get all that stuff into a small house or apt.. no way!! So many sales and donating had to occur to help out. Don't ask me where things are right now.. I have NO IDEA.. put all urgent stuff in a shoe box and pray I don't lose it. 
I find myself very tired these days and want to sleep a lot. WONDER WHY??? I think it will take weeks to be able to walk through my small apt and not stumble upon some thing that is in my path. This too shall pass, they say, and sometime soon I will feel settled in a new place.. can't come fast enough for me!!