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Sunday, March 4, 2012


I ran across this article at CNN about how Nascar drivers have church service before each race. True, each time they get into a car they put their lives on the line for a sport. It is a dangerous sport. Football is dangerous to some players, baseball not so much.Baseball players are on the road a whole lot more than either. Traveling all over the country. Their lives are lived in planes and hotels for months. They don't take their families with them as a rule. Nascar drivers live in motorhomes at each track,but fly from each place to place mostly. You see their families with them at each race a lot of the time.  
 It's not mandatory that drivers,family and crews show up at church services. It's by choice. They know what they do every Sunday is serious and life threatening. Last week, during the Daytona 500 their "superbowl" race, a fluke happened. A driver, alone on the track, lost control and hit a large dryer/blower type vehicle. The vehicle had 200 gallons of fuel on board.  A miracle both drivers lived to tell the tale. Had me wondering if both men had went to that Nascar Church service that morning?

"It is often the only quiet moment these families get during days at the track.
The chapel services are run by the Motor Racing Outreach, founded in 1988 by legendary NASCAR driver Darrell Waltrip and his wife, Stevie, and a handful of other drivers.
There were chapel services for drivers before Motor Racing Outreach, but they weren’t formally organized. Most times, there wasn’t even a minister present."

Photo courtesy of CNN

At the start of each Nascar race a chaplin gives a blessing over the race and the crews and all those who are attending. I think that is pretty special to set the tone for each race. When lives are on the line, they know who really is in charge. HERE is a link to the article in case you might be interested.