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Monday, December 29, 2014


I sit here and think of all the things that have happened in 2014 and just shake my head in disbelief. 

JANUARY we had the coldest POLAR VORTEX  winter we have ever had. It was brutal. I shoveled so much snow I just got so sick of it. Heavy, wet and cold all winter  long. I seemed to never catch up and never get warm enough. Glad it ended.
I ended up in an ambulance, for the first time in my life in late Jan., headed to the ER with my head so dizzy I could not stand up. I stayed 24 hours in the hospital and they found I had 
"Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo 
Sounds bad but it just is plain VERTIGO. I was remarkably healthy otherwise. I had many comments on how amazing my blood tests were.

FEBRUARY and MARCH  Came in with more health problems for family members and a loss of a child that we all were shocked over. I had my eyes tested and the Dr. told me I had Glaucoma..which later in the year was found to NOT BE TRUE. I was so relieved. 
APRIL  We still were having SNOW here in Michigan.. it just would not STOP Easter came and it was cold one day and warm the next. Mother nature just could not decide. 
MAY  Came in with another illness only this time my sister had kidney problems. They went from bad to worse and in 
JUNE  She landed in the hospital in another town for 10 days and one in ICU nearly dying. Very scary times and she still is using the drugs and has improved a lot, but is not stable yet.
JULY while Sis was ill, I received a call I had been waiting a long time for. A new apartment was available. I spent most of the month moving from one place to another in the heat of the summer.                                   

I have been busy adjusting to my new place to live and gathering furnishings and celebrating the fall and winter here in a new town. Riding the bus to town, meeting neighbors, learning how to gather supplies and find places for all the stuff I have in such small surroundings. I purchased in December a painting that I thought was something I could look at for a long time. I love the waves and the ocean and always have. It will never be far from me.  So much happened this year with friends and family, I pray every day and night that several will be cured completely and permanently. I hope 2015 brings us all good health and happiness. 

Friday, November 15, 2013


I am sick of just trying to keep going. I am sick of getting behind in everything. What the heck is going on? I look at life so differently now. I hate the way things are and seem stuck..stuck and cannot get out of my own way. I have "adapted" one person said to me. Yes, you could say that and then again.. NO I haven't. The pressure every day to just do one little thing that can help out..well it's not easy. The situation is grim,and trying to find a way out of it.. tiring. Is it any wonder I don't blog any more as this seems to be a daily thing for me. Pick yourself up and move on..easy to say if you are not involved. Easy if you are not attached to the situation. I am surrounded daily with reminders of past things and need to move on and then not able to. Sounds like depression to me. I have a lot of things to work through. I get joy from sun light..watching nature, breathing fresh air, cold or not, and spending time on line searching for new ideas. I got my retirement checks all sorted out, what a hassle that was. Seems powers that be could not figure out some things and kept asking me the same questions over and over. I dreaded hearing the phone ring. I am setting some goals for the winter. One thing at a thing at a time. This too shall pass..

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Still getting used to the new format here at Blogger and finding that, at Chrome, it is a whole lot easier to deal with the changes.. I have to admit I don't have time to fuss with it much so easier is better. I have to keep up though..not going to give in to the establishment. Changes this month could happen quickly and I will try to keep you all posted as soon as I know what is going on. I have ventured back south in Michigan again and not sure if the north is the place for me or not. I sure do miss my little buddy a lot. He was a real cute change in my life for awhile. He does love Rachael Ray..must be her personality or her FOOD!! He kept us moving constantly and at least he slept some of the time. Tell me WHY babies choose to sleep like this..he does it a lot. Knees up, hiney in the air!! LOL

 May 1st..??? HAPPY MAY DAY!!  Wow the warm weather we had in April made it feel like it should be JUNE already. Mom and Dad's birthday's are coming up and it will be sad time for my Sister and I both this year. Mom loved flowers so we are putting flowers out at their grave site today.'s matter what time of had to be RED. Could be roses, carnations, tulips..didn't matter..she just wanted RED. The weather is beautiful here and warm today so that is a plus and we will be able to get out and enjoy the day. I heard the doves this morning and thought of all the mornings I heard them at our old house and knew that spring had truly come with them calling to each other. Nothing much else happening here..hope your MAY DAY is a great one!!