Tuesday, April 15, 2014


In January I had that horrible spell and went to the ER and stayed overnight in the hospital. I knew full well it was going to cost a fortune. In my mind I knew I would deal with it later. So it's later..I am going through bills and getting more bills in the mail. One notice came and I thought it strange. I called the company and told DONNA I got a notice but for the life of me could not FIND a bill anywhere. She took some information and I was to call her back. I searched high and low for a bill. So I called Donna back and she and I started to work out a payment plan. In a few minutes of talking to each other she stopped mid sentence and said "Do you live in Lansing?" I said NO, she said "No wonder I can't find you..this is NOT YOUR BILL! Seems another person in another city was in the ER on the same day, same time and with my same full name. 
We discussed what to do and how to resolve the problem. I just hope I don't start getting bills from this other person's visit to the ER. How weird is that?? She can have all my bills though..all she wants. I gladly give them up to her. Ha!

My yard is raked and the piles were waiting to be picked up. Down comes the snow again. This time it was not so bad, I won't have to shovel it. The cold came with it, and after 70 the day before I am searching for my heavy coat again. You just can't mess with mother nature this year, she is fiercely hanging on until May sometime. I really liked the warm day we had, at least we got a preview of Spring to come. Sad to say the crocus that was trying to poke it's head got covered though.

Easter is right around the corner. I have not made plans this year, just trying it day to day for awhile. Hope everyone else out there in Blogland has a wonderful day though.     



JennyD said...

Wow oh wow, I know you were relieved to high heaven to find out that those bills were the "other woman's", haha. This would be the one time we would love having the other woman in our lives, true?

It's now raining here and will be all day and night. I stayed up ALL night hoping to see a red moon. All clouds so I turned on a live cam from the Prescott Observatory in Nevada that I saw listed online for the eclipse, but you know, even though I saw it and heard a running commentary for hours and hours, it wasn't the same as seeing it for yourself. Now I'm so tired I can hardly see and hoping for a longggg nap later today.


Beth said...

I still have a bill trickle in now and then from last summer. I hope your bills get all straightened out! xoxo

Ramblingon said...

OH how horrible to get that bill and have no idea what in the world that was all about. It;s snowing lightly here today. It was 83 on Sunday.

Joe said...

That does sound like an incredible coincidence for someone to have a similar situation and same name. I hope you get it all worked out...nobody needs that stress.

JennyD said...

Well, it's 10:50pm now and I never got that nap. Past exhaustion now but wanted to run by and see if your day had ended up ok after all. Of course now that I'm here, it's obvious that I would have seen a new post....man, I'm tired. Will ck on you sometime tomorrow :)
Here's a hug for you, Carol:

Sandi said...

Thank God for honest Donna!

Ramblingon said...

I like what Sandi said and I agree 100%!