Sunday, February 26, 2012


PSSSTTT ..yeah it's me... trying to sneek in here on this flat thing.
   I gots some things to say bout this new female at my home. She is constantly ignoring me for this black thingy and seems very busy when I want to play with her. This makes me slightly UPSET..
So I decided to why not JOIN in and see what this whole thing is about. You seem to be able to make it move around by touching the black things so I am giving it a try.
Oh I do love the little humming it makes..gotta say it is NOT very tasty though. Yecch!

This new lady scares me sometimes I tell ya..she runs that big thing that sucks up dirt a lot and makes me run and hide. I hate that thing. I cannot even escape to my safe place because she is right there bugging me.  I just give her the ole evil eye and she backs away though. I know she stays away from me and this I cannot figure out because I am so loveable.
I think I am trainin' her, yesterday she gave me some of her tuna and I was  thrilled. Maybe I will win her over after all. Time for my napps..I do a lot of that cause I am still a growing girl.