Wednesday, February 14, 2018


FEBRUARY is half way over. Our winter rolls on.. cold and snow and then warm and rain. I must say it has been a weird one. One bright light is that our little LILY is now standing on her own and  getting ready to walk around any day now. It is then that the fun starts.. trying to keep up with her. I love toddler exciting watching them experience things for the first time. How their face lights up with joy seeing Mom and Dad when they have been away. 😊


Monday, January 1, 2018

HAPPY 2018!!!


My first entry in 2018...  HAPPY NEW YEAR.. 
WE MADE IT... we actually made it through 2017.. what a year it was! 

Made my list last night of goals for this year. One is for health, and one is for making each day more organized. Yeah, started off my closet..getting rid of old stuff and finding more room in there. Felt great to get it all done. Horrid weather, very cold, so I took my walk in the hallway of my building. At least it is warmer than outside!!

So I know there are going to be some real changes this year.. I just hope we all survive them safe, happy  and healthy. 


Sunday, December 17, 2017


As the years roll by.. the holiday takes on a new meaning to me. I am not a HUM BUG person, I just am not as JOLLY as I used to be. This year I am not baking my cookies and making fudge. So many cannot have the goodies any more or are making their own. I found that people could not have the treats and just did not want to tell me. Sooo I decided this year I would just stop doing it.  Sad I know, but better than wasting all the money and time and work doing all the baking etc. 

LIFE sure changed after leaving the old house and neighborhood and so I learned, I guess, to just adjust to another kind of lifestyle. In our apartment building we all exchange cards and that is about it. When I first moved here there was a Christmas party thrown on the second Saturday of December. The whole 24 apts were invited.
That stopped in 2015, people moved away who did the planning and paid for most of it. Even a potluck sort of thing was passed up. We don't have a community room for such a gathering here anyway, it is up to individuals to plan to use their own apts.

So life goes on, another holiday is almost past. I like shopping for bargains, but this year will wait til AFTER the holiday for the best deals. My best present to myself was
MY PILLOW... I got a great deal and got two and they are wonderful. I am hoping they help me sleep better. Well, hope wherever you are, you and yours have a wonderful 

Sunday, November 12, 2017


I make a habit of trying to take at least one photo of the first snowfall of any season. Don't really care how much just get the shot. WELL after getting up early the other day I got one. Some say it was heavy frost, but NO, we did have flurries. We have had such a weird fall with  late leaves turning. Makes me wonder how long the winter will last. It's too long as it is. Funny thing the city is picking up leaves and most of them are still on the trees. Guess it will be a very late pick up season for them.
Course the afternoon sun melted it all away and the trees began to lose their leaves. We had 18 degrees for two nights and it felt like January instead of November. This roller coaster of temps is crazy. Lots of folks coming down with colds and flu. 
I got the flu shot but still need to get a pneumonia one. Been putting that one off, but after last winter.. oh I am getting one.  Sis got one and they told her she might have to have a booster next year. WHAT?  I have never heard of getting a booster for a pneumonia shot. Most doctors say one shot lasts 4 or 5 years. WEIRD?

Been on a vacation from upstairs neighbors for about three weeks. It was great. New tenant moved in with a small little dog after the first though. Hardly know they are up there and that is just fine with me after the last 4 I have had above me. Maybe I will get to keep this guy for awhile. Most move out before their year lease is up. It gets very hot up there in the summertime. I hear  their AC running all the time. We get NO shade at all so the summer sun full blasts through the windows..very hot. 

Lily (niece's child) is now 6 months old. Such a cutie..she is not quite sitting up my herself but it will be very soon. Her brother likes to push her around the house with her sitting in a laundry basket. She loves it. Speaking of brother..He is now  in the cub scouts and won first place in a gutter regatta. You make a little boat and sail it down a gutter filled with water. First one to the end wins..  Good Job THEO..

           Well I am going to wrap this up for now.. Hope you all have a wonderful week and a 

Thursday, October 12, 2017


This year..very little color on the trees..We have been in a drought zone and so they are all yellow, brown and falling off the trees. Such a weird fall. Warm a few days then cool and then COLD..then back warm again.  Crazy. 
Wondering what the winter will be? Guess we will find out soon. I think our hot days are now over for the year.. bring on the winter. 

LILY MARIE is now 5 months old. She can roll over and is almost ready to sit up by herself. So cute to watch. I just love to watch babies grow at this age. How they discover the challenge of walking and talking, it is exciting. I have enjoyed my time seeing and helping her grow. 

Getting ready for fall and winter..heat was finally turned on here after a long wait from the tenants. Stink Bugs and boxelder bugs have invaded the place. Spraying and trying to keep them away, all part of fall around here. Nothing much phases them but SNOW..LOL .Been making over my closet , reorganizing and making room for all the summer stuff, and finding winter clothes etc. Baking more and eating dishes like casseroles means fall really has arrived.

                           ~~~HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A WONDERFUL FALL~~