Tuesday, January 1, 2019



WOULD not take the password that I have always used and I had to redo practically the whole thing over. Scary stuff.. I have other blogs that are hooked to this one and well they do have other passwords also. WHAT a mess!!  Soooo


I will try to keep this blog going as long as I can get into it, not because I have
forgotten about it. I could never do that. 
Since OCTOBER things have been busy around here. Lots of people in the complex moving out that have been here a long time. Could it be the raise in rent.. or could it be they are tired of the QUIET?? Yes, it is very quiet up here on the hill. There is a pretty steep driveway that leads to these buildings and we are away from the road so far we cannot hear traffic. WHO IN THE WORLD WOULD NOT LIKE THAT???
Some prefer the lobby or closely packed apt houses. NOT ME. I love this place. Anyway, hope they find what they were looking for.

 Oct was warm around here.. it felt like summer. It went on for awhile and when WINTER arrived.. Well it was not much to talk about. November we had some snow and it all melted pretty quick. Talk about global warming. The guys here have only had to shovel ONE TIME this whole winter. Yikes makes me wonder about  the summer. Thanksgiving was nice too. NO snow. I started my new exercise routine of lifting two pound weights twice a day that month. It has helped a lot. 

DECEMBER  1st I started using a new machine I bought daily,  since I don't get outside to exercise much. 
 I was using it three times a week, but decided to up my game. It feels pretty great.
I can do many different things with it, but am working my way up to those. Very happy with results. I have a bad knee and this has helped a lot. Christmas rolled around and we still have little to NO SNOW here. When we get an inch, by the next day it is gone. 
RAIN mostly and so many many gray days. The sun has hardly been present the whole month long. I received some pretty nice surprises for Christmas this year I never expected. Made for a memorable holiday. 

SO NOW it is a new year, I sure pray for it and our nation and the world. So many tragic things happening in the world. They say that things have to get bad for you to appreciate when they get better, well we sure are ready. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2018



WHAT in the world? I mean is it really fall already?  OCTOBER??

What happened to AUGUST and SEPTEMBER?? First for me to miss two whole
months without a post here. I guess there really isn't much going on and much traffic to read blogs any more at least for me anyway. 
I have been busy doing the fall clean up of the closets and getting rid of things that I no longer use. Guess I have been doing that most of the summer. It's been a long hot summer here and now even in to OCTOBER we are soaring with almost 90 degree weather here. It is breaking records..I cannot recall such a crazy summer and fall. 

ANYWAY.. I had a friend come and visit me and was able to go and do some shopping and see what was new in the big stores out of town. Living in an apt building there is plenty of coming and going, but here we pretty much mind our own business. The biggest excitement is leaving to shop.😁 The styles surprised me.. they all looked like the 70's. Guess I should watch more QVC or something on tv. The paisley patterns, vests and even some bell bottom pants. I felt like it was a dream. I remember when wearing high heel shoes with JEANS or pants was TABOO.. NO way.. Now it is a fashion statement.. crazy world. 😇I can find all kinds of bargains at the local Goodwill store. I love that place. Make a wish list and sooner or later you will find what you need. Got a nice air purifier cheap. I was thrilled. My niece brought me her old air fryer and so I am now looking for pans etc that will fit inside it. It is just the right size for me. I love using it, just have to practice more. 

I had a good friend of mine move to Florida this summer.😢 Sure miss her being around but she was tired of the cold and the snow and decided to make a change. OKAY, here comes a hurricane.🌀🌀 She is not directly in the path but may get some wind etc..they are battening down the place just in case. I am sure praying for all those who might be affected by this one. Glad I am staying in Michigan, I feel pretty safe here. No earthquakes or fires or hurricanes. We might get a tornado, but that is pretty rare also. 

Well wherever you are, hope your fall is a good and safe one. 

Monday, July 2, 2018


JULY came in blazing, made me miss those cold freezing days this past winter.  Sure we complained on how cold it was, but we could keep warm. Keeping cool is harder I think. Dealing with this humidity and heat has been hard. I have barely left my place for days now. Just too hard to breathe it. People with upper respiratory problems really struggle with it. Can't wait for the cool off. Sure do dread my electric bill it will be a whopper. We have had little rain here, the grass is brown and the flower beds are suffering. I noticed that the morning glories I planted last year did NOT come back like I thought they would. Lack of water I am guessing. The management took the hoses away here because other tenants were using them to cool off their children with water slides and pools, breaking the tenant agreements they signed. They are lucky they did not get evicted instead of a warning. Some do spoil it for others. The plants suffer. Too hard to carry buckets of water to keep them going. Not much happening here but I sure hope you all 


Monday, May 28, 2018

MAY 2018


Goodness it has been a while since I stopped by here and blogged. Life gets busy I guess. We had cold weather into April and some places got SNOW. I thought that Spring would never get here and then we had NO Spring to speak of, it went straight into Summer. 
It feels like JULY or AUGUST already. We are breaking records for heat, as are other places in the USA.  I got my AC put in just in time. 

      Earlier this month, my niece's daughter turned one.. my how the time flew by, she is almost walking on her own and saying words and answering us. Growing up so fast.                                  

I have been spring cleaning all the closets and getting rid of clutter.  Finding things that I totally forgot I had and things that I surely  don't need any more. Our town has a brand new very large Goodwill store, so I have donated a lot of it.  There is  now room for me to collect more.. The cycle returns.. LOL  Can't pass up a great deal..no way. 

Well, whatever you are doing this Spring, Summer, I sure hope you have fun doing it 

Sunday, April 8, 2018





A lot of people all over the country are asking that very question. 
Blizzards in April..cold winds and day after day of below normal temperatures.
The calendar says Spring but mother nature has different ideas. Just means to me that those trees and flowers are going to be blooming later in my neck of the woods and our summer will either be long or really really short, I hope for the long one. 
All I know is I sure don't want another repeat of this winter. I am looking forward to warm breezes, sun and spring flowers. It might be in MAY or June but it will come eventually. Hope where you are things are warm and you are enjoying it!