Saturday, April 12, 2014


Making baby steps to a new beginning takes time and work. Like two steps forward and 10 steps back. That is what it seems to be for me these days. I just am tired of all the confusion and unknown factors.  I am making an effort to move again and do all that packing and sorting that one does. I will be so glad to settle.. for me I want to get to a nice place and stay for a good long while.  Don't know I wait..
A family member is ill and I am trying to cope with that and find answers. The doctors seem to want to test everything and still not find the solution to the problem. Meanwhile the person gets sicker and sicker. Sad to say I have voiced my opinion to some of the said DOCTORS and have gotten those looks. YOU know what ones those are..." YOU know nothing...I KNOW IT ALL." Oh if they only WOULD listen.  We are on..let's see doctor number 4 now...hmmm maybe they all ought to get together for a consult.. Geez.. it's enough to make a person go crazy. 
The weather is better so outside I can walk and work in the yard and try to forget all the stuff that is cluttering my mind. Easter is coming and usually I look forward to fixing a nice dinner and visiting with family. This year..not so much. We just want to keep ourselves going any way we can. HAPPY SPRING..the rains are here and the snow is GONE..except for those nasty big dirty piles in parking lots.. Hope that is the last of it til DECEMBER!!!      HAPPY SPRING FINALLY!!


Beth said...

Sis, it is quite a surprise for me to read this. I am so sorry about the illness in your family. And where are you planning to move to? If you feel up to it please send me an email and let me know how I can help. I do pray for you each night Carol. You are always in my thoughts too.

JennyD said...

Moving? I don't envy you one iota. That is the hardest work in the world even if looking forward to a new place. Ugh, I hate all the packing, throwing out, unpacking...and the list goes on.
Hang tight to this weather change for a boost in spirits, though. Yes, Spring is finally either here or peeking around the corner and man, it's long overdue.
You are dead-on right about the doctors, and oh yeahhhh, I KNOW that look all too well. Something is really wrong in their world, don't you think?
I see you're super tight with Beth and I'm glad. Beth is great with a capital G, so you email her, ok? It will make both of you feel better about all this going on with you right now. I wish we all lived on the same block -- wouldn't it be wonderful? There would be no shortage of really good friends to help us at the slightest need.
Add me to your group that sincerely wishes you well, Carol. You're a dear :)

Nancy said...

I am so sorry to hear you are moving again. I hope you find a nice place ti stay a long long while. So sorry you have a family member ill. I hope they find an answer soon. You are in my prayers my friend. Hugs.

Terry's Tete-a-tete said...

Sorry your having to deal with all this. Prayers for help with the illness.

Joe said...

Sorry it's been so difficult my friend. I hope Easter brings good things for you.

JennyD said...

It's Monday the 14th now, and just saw your note on my page. Don't you worry about a thing, Carol, you just take care of you.
Everyone cares about you, you know. Take a deep breath, maybe a walk, throw on some headphones with your favorite music, and let the world go by for just a bit.