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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The end of the month is fast approaching. I feel like the fire is under my feet to move quickly to get things done. Deadlines are good, I keep repeating to myself, trying to be convincing at the same time. I  came across this yard filled with tiny violets, it was soothing in a way, mother nature is waking up from such a long winter's sleep.
So many flowers blooming and standing tall after the snows we had just weeks ago. It amazes me. The work continues here and the new temporary place takes shape slowly. Not wanting to unpack a whole lot because the future is kinda cloudy, I can say my new kitchen is looking better and better.  
Some of the old things from the old place are there and some new things too. It's a work in progress, not sure how l will be there so sure don't want to unpack a whole lot. I still have to get used to a way smaller space again. I loved the small place I had in Ca. years ago..I don't think it will take too long. This kitchen was built probably nearly 80 years ago. My place was the servants quarters, compact and useful and not over the top. The kitchen was redone in the 40's and is very much like the kitchen that mom and dad had in their house before it was re done in the 60's. Love the light over the sink and the little shelves. The larger shelves go all the way to the ceiling. Not using those much as  it would take tall ladder to access them, but it's nice to have that storage space anyway. Time is to get moving.

HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A GREAT DAY!!                                                                    

Thursday, January 20, 2011


THINGS are happening sometimes here at lightning speed, at other times at a snails
pace. Hard to tell what will go on from one day to the next. Have had little on line time to catch up with everyone. This I truly miss a whole lot. I miss all my blogging family.
Mom's condition has deteriorated lately and we are continuing to speak to counselors and doctors,. therapists and Hospice workers. The whole process is mind boggling. What will be paid for and what isn't covered is sometimes shocking. I have years of experience under my belt with elderly care and their concerns and tribulations. I sure am glad now, because it is really coming in handy.I would hate to be traveling down this road without some prior knowledge of how things work. The things that happen daily could be written in a fact... I have been documenting Mom's whole
journey from the beginning. No wonder I completely wore out one computer and one camera. They sure did the job admirably. Above is the long hallway to the end of the  building. Many times I have found mom rolling down that hallway to look for deer out the doorway windows. The handrails on either side of the hall help the patients by them reaching and pulling themselves along. Probably the one of the most germy places in the building as they rarely are cleaned. The floors and walls and bathrooms etc are always done but the railings not. I avoid them like the plague. 
Well just wanted to catch you all up on what is going on.. lack of time, energy or wifi at home make it extremely hard to get computer time. January is grinding down and
February is at hand..Spring can't come soon enough for me.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Sobbing, I walked into the cold, windy afternoon air. I looked into the blue sky and wanted to scream that it is just not fair.. moments before, I watched my mother settle down for a nap. Her words echoed in my ears..

"You get old and then you die a long, hard, slow death."

It was not like anything I had heard her say before to me. I think that in a lucid moment she just could see the reality of what she was going through all these months.

I sat in the car a good long time, trying to clear the frustration out of my system. I have to be able to see to drive my way back home the two miles to my
house.  I started the car and slowly drove out of the long driveway, when something
caught my eye in a sudden motion.
Bounding across the road at least 10 deer running at full gallop.
I was so glad I had stopped for a few minutes and not traveled that
road or something bad could have happened.
2011 came in here with blue skies, green grassy fields and
many thoughts of what the year will bring.
My father died on New Years Day
seventeen years ago.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Will start this by posting that we still haven’t seen anything but a few light flurries here and I am surely grateful for that. I don’t look forward to shoveling this year at all. The wind is sure cold though and anytime it gets up to 40 I rejoice! Our Thanksgiving here was quiet. I baked and cooked for two days so that we would have tons of leftovers. I went shopping for new boots and found several I liked. Got mom a pair too. She hasn’t worn boots in probably 10 years now. This year if she is living here at home she will be out in the cold and snow so they are really a must. I used that word “IF” in the sentence because starting next month she will undergo another surgery if all goes well, and hopefully it won’t be as hard on her as the last one was. One person can only do so much with the help of nurses, aides and such who visit for a short time 2 or three times a week here at home. Mom hates all the running back and forth to doctor’s appointments, especially in the winter time. They have to be done though, so we grit our teeth and get through them. I hope to be able to take care of her at home, because that is where she wants to be. She thrives here, and does not do well anywhere else. Will let you know how it all goes.


On the washing machine subject..ours went out and we are still without because it has been a real chore getting to a place out-of-town to order a replacement. The warranty we had was GREAT. They replace, remove the old one.. with no charge at all. The amount they gave us will more than cover a top of the line machine. I have done the homework on-line and decided that the type we had before is no longer an option and we are going to go MAYTAG this time. Hopefully they will hold up to their promise and that old repairman will never see our door! They came today and replaced the old washer…however some of the fixtures were leaking and it needed a longer drain hose.. so it STILL doesn’t work. When they took the old washer out, some water was still inside the lines that did not drain out…you guessed it.. water all over the basement floor… : ( Will be trying to get someone to fix this mess this week when they can arrange to come. I just have the feeling, another trip to the laundromat will be called for. Hate that thought with a perfectly good NEW machine in my basement. Not a happy customer..but it is NOT the job of the delivery person to fix my old plumbing. The saga goes on…..


Update on the computer problem. The company is covering all charges, once again, because I bought an additional warranty on it. After being on the phone for almost an hour, the technician said he would FED EX me an adapter and I should try that first and they will Call Me to see if it worked. He swears there is nothing wrong with the computer, it is just a faulty power adapter and it was not charging the laptop.He is not living in my house, but he assures me HE IS RIGHT! Will be sure to let you all know what happens. I hate this slow dial-up but at least it is better than nothing! My access is extremely limited though. I spend more time waiting than visiting or commenting or anything else.. and to THINK we all started out that SLOW!


I send out my sincere prayers and thoughts to Chip Allen and his family at the loss of their beloved furry family member SAM. Greater love have no man that the love of his devoted, faithful, dog. Hugs to you all, I know you will all be reunited one day.


Will wrap this up.. Hope you all have a great week!