Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I'm not ready to open windows yet but.....
Last night the weatherman said.."I don't think there will be any more cold nights like the ones we have, had the rest of this winter."  WHAT!!  Then I guess that old groundhog was WRONG then wasn't he. Six weeks has not passed and our snow is all gone again and we are going to see Spring like temperatures for at least a week. They have pretty sophisticated equipment nowdays and make a lot of predictions and sometimes they are really wrong. I 'm watching, and to me I think he might be right. The trees cannot help but start budding when we have had such a mild winter but birds and animals they somehow know way before we do. I have not seen the nest building yet, but the squirrels here are acting like winter is over. I have seen several flocks of geese flying overhead moving northward. I am looking for the robins here and haven't seen them yet, but expect to any day now. Thinking about those people who lost so much in the tornadoes this past week.  I hope that they can recover as much as possible and the weather will help them be able to clean up and try to get some of their lives back together. It will take a long time. Losing everything is very hard.         

SPRING... the time goes FORWARD an HOUR this coming SUNDAY so remember to set your clocks then...

POSTS here will be more scattered soon due to loss of Wifi connection.
Will try to keep going here the best I can. Hope you all have a great SPRING.