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Friday, February 8, 2013


We are in a great place, ready for new adventures.
We are definitely on an island.. just look at that
view Ahhhhhhhhh it looks great!! I almost
thought we wouldn’t make it because someone
left their ID and we had to go back for it. ( ThinkingNot saying
who, but the mind has been elsewhere lately..)
Anyway.. boy that heat feels good!! We got a ton of beaches
and neat places to eat and explore. Not a lot of tourists
to deal with so we can have the place to ourselves.
I rename this place BLOGGERS  BEACH.. LOL It is NOT
Hawaii, or Florida, or Ca. Can you guess where???
We can take a  break from the tanning process and wave watching and
walk over to that white building. It’s a CASINO!! Let’s try our luck and
see who can win the most with the least amount of money wagered! Smile
Just checked the weather here it is a balmy 74 degrees and wonderful.
Beats the snow reports back home.. I know we will love it!! 
Hey what happened to Sherry??.. I heard she got lucky at the crap table!!.
ACKkk Surprised
who the heck is parasailing over my beach?? Oh.. maybe that is JOE
he said he wanted an adventure.. watch out Joe, the landing can be a
doozy!! Smile
Wonder what is on the agenda for tomorrow…oh well it is better than
home that is for sure…

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Literally been days since I have been out and about and so I think I have come down with "cabin fever" defined as "Noun....
Irritability, listlessness, and similar symptoms resulting from long confinement or isolation indoors during the winter." The sun has only been out briefly in over ten days and a snow storm is approaching. Makes me want to  G E T  A W A Y....
time for my virtual vacation. I used to do this at Spaces and it was pretty popular so
here we go... 
Ahhhhhhh  the smell of the ocean and the roar of the waves.. my kind of vacation..
wondering what tomorrow will bring...stay tuned.....