Sunday, March 27, 2016


Good Grief...So shocking to see an article written about our OLD HOUSE in the 
local papers. WHY? 
That old home is now filled with a new family and a 2 year old who has a big problem
with levels of lead in her blood. Not from water, but from all the improvements they did 
with our old home. We had a family and raised 2 grandkids in that home and no one had high 
lead levels. The new owners, removed wall paper, sanded and painted the walls and removed
all the old windows (all 10) which had been painted shut. They spread the dust all over the
house. They cleaned the furnace and the pipes and the levels are better but not gone. The couple are now expecting their second child and have taken a second mortgage out to make more improvements. They cannot afford to move.
Our old living room..I like how they repainted it. Sorry there is so much trouble.
Her name is Alexsis.

 This is the backyard now.  The new owner says that lead is in the ground and grass will not grow
there. She failed to mention that they kept old cars and trash and a large dog back there. I will have to see it in document form to believe that the ground is that contaminated. The neighbors KNOW the real story.  They were not asked to give their comments about the situation. Lead is very much in the news in Michigan and I sure hope they find some kind of state help to solve their problem. Selling the old 
place will be really hard to do now that all this is public knowledge.  

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