Monday, July 5, 2010


While making my strawberry pie I had to access some cornstarch. Yes it comes in a box. What I want to know is who's brilliant idea that was? I mean when you get so far down into the box your whole arm is covered with the stuff. You can not get a tiny measuring spoon into there and so you have to shake the darn box to get it to come to the opening. When you finally get it to the opening you get it all over the countertop and your body. Well.. at least I did anyway. Sputtering to myself, I thought who the heck puts this stuff in a box anyway? Why? I mean baking powder is in a can..most kinds are. Baking soda is in a small box so you can access it well. Maybe this cornstarch is so cheap to produce you can easily put it in a larger container who knows. I got covered in the stuff and that made me decide enough was enough and I put it all in a lock and lock container. Easy to access and refill. No mess or waste. I do put flour and sugar etc in a different container why not cornstarch? So that dilemma taken care of.. I got to thinking..what else can I box up? UH OH.. find me a container...~~~~~~~~~~