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Sunday, February 13, 2011


MOM is finally at rest. She struggled so in her last days that we are so glad she no longer has to endure. My brother died twenty years ago this April and my mother spoke about being reunited with him and my father. I know she is happy where she is but her presence has left a large space in my heart. I had left the center for only a few minutes when my Sis called me back and I raced as fast as I could to get there. When I
ran into the room they told me she had just passed away a moment before. We sat with her for a good long time.

Upon hearing that mom had passed away, staff came from all over the center where mom was. The room was filled with people coming and going and praying with us. We truly had no idea what kind of affect she had on the staff there. Some staff called employees who were at home and broke the news to them. There were many tears and many hugs and many stories passed in the hours we sat and talked while arrangements were made. We truly did have mom in the right place for her passing. The next days will be stressful but we know mom is in a better place now and resting with loved ones and very happy. That is truly a comfort to us.

Please KNOW I really appreciate the thoughts and prayers from all of you at this time. It what helps me get through my days. My cyber family is THE BEST!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


THINGS are happening sometimes here at lightning speed, at other times at a snails
pace. Hard to tell what will go on from one day to the next. Have had little on line time to catch up with everyone. This I truly miss a whole lot. I miss all my blogging family.
Mom's condition has deteriorated lately and we are continuing to speak to counselors and doctors,. therapists and Hospice workers. The whole process is mind boggling. What will be paid for and what isn't covered is sometimes shocking. I have years of experience under my belt with elderly care and their concerns and tribulations. I sure am glad now, because it is really coming in handy.I would hate to be traveling down this road without some prior knowledge of how things work. The things that happen daily could be written in a fact... I have been documenting Mom's whole
journey from the beginning. No wonder I completely wore out one computer and one camera. They sure did the job admirably. Above is the long hallway to the end of the  building. Many times I have found mom rolling down that hallway to look for deer out the doorway windows. The handrails on either side of the hall help the patients by them reaching and pulling themselves along. Probably the one of the most germy places in the building as they rarely are cleaned. The floors and walls and bathrooms etc are always done but the railings not. I avoid them like the plague. 
Well just wanted to catch you all up on what is going on.. lack of time, energy or wifi at home make it extremely hard to get computer time. January is grinding down and
February is at hand..Spring can't come soon enough for me.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


THAT is the question! We continue to struggle every day to get Mom to eat more. I have asked just about everyone I know for help and advice. The recent health problems that Mom had caused her tongue and taste buds to be so bad that she doesn't have much desire to eat anything. Mom always loved her coffee but doesn't even drink one cup now. Yesterday we did the happy dance because she actually ate
a cup of pudding. I said "What does it taste like Mom?" and she said "White!" I guess there just was no flavor at all. She has the desire..she asked for a cheeseburger without the seeds on the bun. When she got the burger, she took one bite.. that was all. We were crushed. Best I can do is keep trying everything I can. If it were not for those high protein supplement drinks like ensure etc., I just don't know what we would do.
We did find out that some medications do cause things to not have the greatest taste for her so maybe that was the problem..time will tell. The latest thing is, that a side effect of the antibiotic was that she broke out all over.. now her skin is peeling like
a sunburn. It is the talk of the center.. no one has ever seen anything quite like it. The doctor and the surgeon were really surprised. Leave it to Mom to be different from
anyone else in the place.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Pardon me. but do we still have a rant day that is a carry over from Spaces? Well don’t know the answer to that, but have gotten peeved about a few things lately that surely apply. First off.. why doesn’t anyone read road signs any more? I mean I am old school about things but really.. if the sign says YIELD.. DO IT!! If the sign says STOP.. do that too. Don’t roll on into the intersection waiting for the on coming traffic to stop for you. Twice I saw this and I must say it was NOT a teen driver doing it either. Here they call them a “Michigan roll.” Roll on out there and get smacked is what they should call them. Geez.. get some education!. I hate people who just go along and think they make the rules of the road. There is NEVER anyone around to give them a ticket to tell them that THEY ARE WRONG.. about what they are doing. Maybe if they got a ticket and had to pay money they wouldn’t do it again.

Mom and I nearly got broadsided with a man, (he was not a kid either) who just drove on through that very large sign that said YIELD. There is a lot of construction out there they are trying to finish before the bad weather comes, and I have seen people driving WAY too fast for the speed that is posted too. Too bad there is not an ”eye in the sky” camera around to film those drivers too. Another thing I truly don’t like is people who try to get out into the intersection before you have even cleared it. We have had some close calls lately and that always makes your heart race faster. There are some crazy drivers out there, who really should be given a lesson on how to OBEY the rules and road signs!

WHEW… now I feel better.. thanks!! (I miss the smilies from spaces)

Gas prices shot back up around here to 2.85! Never did find out why but that was at least a 25 cent jump.Went shopping for some fresh new apples and found that some stores had them as high as 3.99 a bag as where some others 1.99. Pays to shop around I guess. Michigan’s apple crop isn’t too great this year because of the freeze we had and so they are yielding a lot less than last year. The ones that are coming in are smaller apples and with less flavor. I find myself looking for the Washington varieties, they always are delicious.

Those of you on facebook know that Sis is trying out an e-reader. I am trying hers too. It is a fun little gadget that gets e mails and books and will go out on the web. Small and convenient and that is a good thing. Never thought I would use such a thing as I am addicted to my laptop now. It is a lot slower and harder to keep the wifi signal in tact but the battery life is great. You can make a picture viewer out of it with your SD card etc, so it proves to be a real multi-purpose item. I am quite impressed with it so far. So far I give it three stars. You can’t print anything out and maybe they will improve that in the future.

WELL it’s been quite a week here the last few days. Mom has made another trip to the ER and had a small surgery at another hospital. It never ends around here. I sure will be ready to get to the weekend!