Saturday, June 19, 2010


Yep I adopted a puppy and I don't have
no bill for the vet to spay or neuter it. I
don't have to feed, water or walk him.
Alls I gotta do is play play play with
him and that makes him happy.
He is the same color as our old dog
and has the same name. You will find him
down the page a spell.
I gotta tip too. Don't push that
MORE blue button I beg you..heheheh
you will seeee He gets pretty
happy I tell ya..He loves that ball!!
The neighbors
here on this blogger might
get a little annoyed with him and
call the cyber cops on me!! I sure hope not!
Aawww it's just a little fun.

Blame it on my illness I am outta
my mind from coughing... phfffft!!