Friday, February 17, 2012


I make copies of everything and I try to back up things best I can on the computer when I remember. I learned that lesson the hard way a long time ago with my first computer "Rupert". A friend told me."back-up... back-up everything, it's your best everything you can."  When Rupert decided he was on his last went the discs and copying began. I also decided, at that time, that I would have all my writings in several different places so that there would always be a back up of sorts. Spaces had a back up at Blogspot. Blogspot had a back up at something called "Authornation".
So much for that idea. For a long time now the site "Authornation" has been shut
down and all my posts there lost to me. Makes me start thinking that maybe even multiple backing up things isn't really safe.  You can use  those thumb drive, memory sticks, but if your computer is no longer working or there is NO POWER they are useless. Nothing is ever safe, unless you
have that printed copy in your possession. Now that means paper and ink and lots of storage space. The cycle goes round and round. To copy or not to copy that is the question! I guess that is my lesson learned. Some blogging family have lots of interesting photos and materials in their blogs..what if all that went POOF? I tell you I would be one very upset person for sure. I was very happy when SPACES allowed us to put all the entire posts we had at Wordpress. It took some time but even my comments from years ago are there now,including my guestbook. Someday when I get rich, I will get one of those books where you can print out all your blog posts. Now that would be so neat to have that in print as a back up. Do you copy things or back up things on your computer all the time?? How often? I guess one just has to get in the habit of doing it. I am a slacker so guess I better get busy. 

Not much to report from least the temperatures are not in the below zero category this winter so far. I am happy for that. I have shoveled only 2 times and that is just amazing for winter in Michigan. Today will be near 40..YES 40!! Very happy camper here..not picnic weather, but certainly good walking and shopping.