Thursday, August 25, 2016


There are really no words to describe the generosity of my friend ANITA.
In the past she has been beside me through thick and thin, bad and good times and started me on my way with a old desktop computer called RUPERT. Rupert was named after a man named RUPERT BONHAM. He was quite a guy and was a player on the game SURVIVOR.  RUPERT, the computer, was a survivor. He went through many changes and is how I learned computers and how to communicate through something called BLOGGING back over 10 years ago. I have had at least 5 computers of this kind and that since then. 


 In July I celebrated my entry into being a "senior citizen". Anita gifted me with a new laptop. I was overwhelmed with joy. I named it GRACE after her (the definition of her name is "full of grace".) Sounded great to me. 
WHY name it? Like cars and all my computers, I name them.. always have.
It become a part of your life so why not

So now I am learning all about the new WINDOWS 10 everyone is talking about. Something new almost every day. I cannot believe the speed and the ease of use. Big difference from Vista and Windows 7 for sure. It's a whole new world and it's full of GRACE...   

Saturday, July 2, 2016


 I have been so bad at blogging lately. Where did all that enthusiasm go that I had for writing? I can hardly believe I entered every day of the week or  even several times a week. Shocking to me. I have spent less time on line and more time in the real world I guess. I have been struggling with tons of paperwork for Social Security. I don't know how it all works yet but I am learning. 
 I have had major laptop troubles but they will fade soon when I get a most wonderful present from my angel best friend soon. A NEW ONE! I cannot wait. I have no idea how I will deal with the speed of it. (Doing the happy dance!) ;-)

Here it is the FOURTH OF JULY!! Hope you all have some great weather and some fun things scheduled. My Sis came over and we went to our annual "CRUISE-IN".. Old cars gather in town and they compete for prizes and run up and down the streets. It is quite a sight. Of course..I took some photos.. until the battery died..Isn't that the way it goes?  These old cars looked so neat ridin' along.I love the 50's cars. The thunder from some engines added to the excitement. Folks lined the streets last night to watch them.


It was followed after dark with lots of fireworks..It rained a little so they were not banned here in town. It will be a wonderful 4th here.. weather is great and lots of activities to see and do. 



Saturday, April 9, 2016


They said it was going to be an early spring.  The farmer's almanac, the groundhog, the woolly worm.. all wrong!!  We had 70 degrees and the birds and critters were happy and then.. it got rainy and then COLD.. really cold. We woke up to 29 degrees after a low of 17 and snow covering everything that had been bursting forth with buds and flowers. Nice for people with allergies, non existent right now. If we have a long hot summer then I am just fine with a colder spring. Bring it on..just not the snow. By the end of our week it will be back off the roller coaster and into warmer weather. Maybe this is the last blast.. (yeah I said that the last time.) It's weather in Michigan and it sure can change in a hurry. We have to deal with it. Next week they test the tornado sirens. Weird indeed..
At least 3 inches here overnight.
Yes, they put out the lawn chairs...
YES it  sure looks beautiful..

Yes they put out the hoses already and some planted flowers.    

Sunday, March 27, 2016


Good Grief...So shocking to see an article written about our OLD HOUSE in the 
local papers. WHY? 
That old home is now filled with a new family and a 2 year old who has a big problem
with levels of lead in her blood. Not from water, but from all the improvements they did 
with our old home. We had a family and raised 2 grandkids in that home and no one had high 
lead levels. The new owners, removed wall paper, sanded and painted the walls and removed
all the old windows (all 10) which had been painted shut. They spread the dust all over the
house. They cleaned the furnace and the pipes and the levels are better but not gone. The couple are now expecting their second child and have taken a second mortgage out to make more improvements. They cannot afford to move.
Our old living room..I like how they repainted it. Sorry there is so much trouble.
Her name is Alexsis.

 This is the backyard now.  The new owner says that lead is in the ground and grass will not grow
there. She failed to mention that they kept old cars and trash and a large dog back there. I will have to see it in document form to believe that the ground is that contaminated. The neighbors KNOW the real story.  They were not asked to give their comments about the situation. Lead is very much in the news in Michigan and I sure hope they find some kind of state help to solve their problem. Selling the old 
place will be really hard to do now that all this is public knowledge.  

(Sorry I tried to fix the font.. it won't enlarge.) 


Sunday, February 7, 2016


The month of February is sure going by fast.  The groundhog predicts spring will be here very soon. I saw the winter geese flying the other morning and saw a pair of doves a couple of weeks ago. The ground outside is green and what snow we had is gone for now. I have the door open and the temps will be in the 40's today. I would say that is about all I need to convince me. We may have one more storm coming in the future but it won't be a bad one. This week I made a batch of cookies to give away. I enjoyed making them but flashed back to the good times I had baking them for Mom and how she loved them. Has it truly been 5 years since she passed. SO much has happened since then.
I have to focus on the good things because all those days that she was sick are just too painful. I moved away from that town as soon as I could.  A fresh start sure did help. A change of scenery always improves your life. Sure is strange how the smell and the taste or sound of something can bring your memories flooding back. I miss mom every day but know she is with me all the time. Hope your Valentine's Day is a great one..