Saturday, April 9, 2016


They said it was going to be an early spring.  The farmer's almanac, the groundhog, the woolly worm.. all wrong!!  We had 70 degrees and the birds and critters were happy and then.. it got rainy and then COLD.. really cold. We woke up to 29 degrees after a low of 17 and snow covering everything that had been bursting forth with buds and flowers. Nice for people with allergies, non existent right now. If we have a long hot summer then I am just fine with a colder spring. Bring it on..just not the snow. By the end of our week it will be back off the roller coaster and into warmer weather. Maybe this is the last blast.. (yeah I said that the last time.) It's weather in Michigan and it sure can change in a hurry. We have to deal with it. Next week they test the tornado sirens. Weird indeed..
At least 3 inches here overnight.
Yes, they put out the lawn chairs...
YES it  sure looks beautiful..

Yes they put out the hoses already and some planted flowers.    


dellgirl said...

I love the photos, they are beautiful. I can't imagine snow in April, or any time for that matter. We don't even get snow in the dead-of-winter. I'm just popping in to say hi and so show my face. Hope you have a nice week.

Big Dave T said...

It's May now but I asked my dad if he wanted to go up north and turn the water on to the cabin up there and he said it was still too cold. He's right. I heard it was still snowing up north last week.