Thursday, August 25, 2016


There are really no words to describe the generosity of my friend ANITA.
In the past she has been beside me through thick and thin, bad and good times and started me on my way with a old desktop computer called RUPERT. Rupert was named after a man named RUPERT BONHAM. He was quite a guy and was a player on the game SURVIVOR.  RUPERT, the computer, was a survivor. He went through many changes and is how I learned computers and how to communicate through something called BLOGGING back over 10 years ago. I have had at least 5 computers of this kind and that since then. 


 In July I celebrated my entry into being a "senior citizen". Anita gifted me with a new laptop. I was overwhelmed with joy. I named it GRACE after her (the definition of her name is "full of grace".) Sounded great to me. 
WHY name it? Like cars and all my computers, I name them.. always have.
It become a part of your life so why not

So now I am learning all about the new WINDOWS 10 everyone is talking about. Something new almost every day. I cannot believe the speed and the ease of use. Big difference from Vista and Windows 7 for sure. It's a whole new world and it's full of GRACE...   


dellgirl said...

What a wonderful friend! It just melts your heart when they go and do things like this, doesn't it? This post brought a great big smile to my face, reminds me so much of MY BFF. I had never thought of naming my devices, this gives me something to think about.

Beth Allen said...

So glad you have a new computer! I hope you are enjoying it. And I'm so happy you have such a good friend!

Katie Isabella said...

IN am so glad that you have a friend like that dear Sis. It makes my heart glad. xoxo