Monday, July 2, 2018


JULY came in blazing, made me miss those cold freezing days this past winter.  Sure we complained on how cold it was, but we could keep warm. Keeping cool is harder I think. Dealing with this humidity and heat has been hard. I have barely left my place for days now. Just too hard to breathe it. People with upper respiratory problems really struggle with it. Can't wait for the cool off. Sure do dread my electric bill it will be a whopper. We have had little rain here, the grass is brown and the flower beds are suffering. I noticed that the morning glories I planted last year did NOT come back like I thought they would. Lack of water I am guessing. The management took the hoses away here because other tenants were using them to cool off their children with water slides and pools, breaking the tenant agreements they signed. They are lucky they did not get evicted instead of a warning. Some do spoil it for others. The plants suffer. Too hard to carry buckets of water to keep them going. Not much happening here but I sure hope you all 


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dellgirl said...

HAPPY 4th OF JULY to you as well, I hope you have a wonderful day! It is HOT as "all-git'-out" here in my little corner of Texas too. I break-out in a gigantic sweat just going out to grab the mail from the mail box.

Wishing you a great week!