Monday, January 1, 2018

HAPPY 2018!!!


My first entry in 2018...  HAPPY NEW YEAR.. 
WE MADE IT... we actually made it through 2017.. what a year it was! 

Made my list last night of goals for this year. One is for health, and one is for making each day more organized. Yeah, started off my closet..getting rid of old stuff and finding more room in there. Felt great to get it all done. Horrid weather, very cold, so I took my walk in the hallway of my building. At least it is warmer than outside!!

So I know there are going to be some real changes this year.. I just hope we all survive them safe, happy  and healthy. 


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JennyD said...

Happy New Year to YOU! Caroldee, here's hoping it's better than 17 was. The only thing good about 17 was the stock market but that doesn't nearly mean more than humans to humans and that has been horrific. Well, don't get me started, sorry.
I haven't made the first dent in cleaning out yet. My "dent" for each day is to keep my newest rescue and my regular 2 separated, feeding on schedule, litter boxes up and down and trying to explain to the new one (Happy) that I can't make the weather unfreeze. Humidifiers going upstairs and down and I'm still shocking everything I touch -- my hair is looking like Einstein's.
I wish I could remember how to make my blog walk easier. I can't remember how to add the widget to be able to see who is posting and who hasn't, so I just go around to all of them.
Ok, sweets, I'll see you again soon. Keep warm! It's already the high of 17 here today, windchill 6, ick.