Thursday, October 12, 2017


This year..very little color on the trees..We have been in a drought zone and so they are all yellow, brown and falling off the trees. Such a weird fall. Warm a few days then cool and then COLD..then back warm again.  Crazy. 
Wondering what the winter will be? Guess we will find out soon. I think our hot days are now over for the year.. bring on the winter. 

LILY MARIE is now 5 months old. She can roll over and is almost ready to sit up by herself. So cute to watch. I just love to watch babies grow at this age. How they discover the challenge of walking and talking, it is exciting. I have enjoyed my time seeing and helping her grow. 

Getting ready for fall and winter..heat was finally turned on here after a long wait from the tenants. Stink Bugs and boxelder bugs have invaded the place. Spraying and trying to keep them away, all part of fall around here. Nothing much phases them but SNOW..LOL .Been making over my closet , reorganizing and making room for all the summer stuff, and finding winter clothes etc. Baking more and eating dishes like casseroles means fall really has arrived.

                           ~~~HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A WONDERFUL FALL~~

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Seeking Serenity said...

yesterday i was so upset to find my favorite maple trees that usually turn a lovely salmon color to be bare and crispy. I went and shuffled through the pile under anyways and picked them up for a hardy sniiiffff...