Sunday, November 27, 2016


What I have been doing is not much. What else can I say? The neighbors upstairs moved out and new ones moved in. Getting used to new ones again takes a toll on my sleep pattern for sure. So days turn into evening and they pass pretty fast in the daze I call sleep deprivation. The new tenants work different hours and are awake walking about in the night. Sure is time for using my ear plugs again. 😉 Hope it works.

Thanksgiving came and went. I made my own dinner and enjoyed every bite of it. 
The rest of the family was out of town. The weather was gray and cold and rainy. It sure did not feel like any Thanksgiving I remembered. No snow either. Just blah..

I am very grateful though for my little apt and all that I have acquired over the years.
It has become my beachy home place this past year as I have added more and more items that call me to the ocean. 

Even my Christmas tree this year is decorated with shells and lights. I love it so much I may keep it up all year round. 😀 



Seeking Serenity said...

that tree is SO you!! I love the starfish Star!!
I guess I shall have to dig out my lights for the window :)
perhaps this year I will decorate moms norfolk pine i have here now

Big Dave T said...

We had a quiet Thanksgiving here too, first time maybe ever (?) it was just my wife and I. Our son and his wife just celebrated the birth of their third son and we felt they shouldn't travel to our place this year.

Reading some of your comments here, I do not like Windows 10. Maybe some of it is because I don't understand it that well. Despite my having a new computer with Windows 10, I still use my ten-year-old model with Windows Vista. I like the games--Freecell, etc.

I responded to your questions about the coffin on my blog, but to answer here, my son 'junkpicked' the one coffin. Another one I bought.

Hope all is well with you this holiday season.

dellgirl said...

I like the sound of your Thanksgiving, nice and quiet. Mine was the same. I only cooked a few things, those that I particularly like. Didn't do all the bells and whistles ... just because.

Your Christmas tree is gorgeous, so original. Go ahead and leave it up. All of my decorations (the few I put out) are still up from Christmas 2015. LOL

Wishing you a nice weekend.

JennyD said...

I LOVE your tree! It's smiling :D