Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 GONE...2017 ON IT'S WAY

SO miss me?? Seems I just have trouble coming and taking care of my tasks here on this blog. Big things happened for our family over Christmas. We found out my niece's baby is a GIRL. Something we all were thrilled about. She has a 5 yr old boy who will make a great big brother. They kept it a secret until Christmas morning. This is how they told us. A candy Bar!!They love their chocolate in this family!

 Now HERE is the back story.... When my mother was in her last days my niece was pregnant with her little boy. My mother looked her dead in the eye and said.."A boy and a GIRL for you" and that is exactly what has happened. I do believe in divine knowledge and I think she was told what was to come. They have had TWO tests so far just to make sure it REALLY is a GIRL!! Both came out the same.. 👼 
We all cannot wait until MAY when it is due and by surprise, MAY is when my mother's birthday was. We all are wondering.. 

YOU HAVE ANY IMPORTANT GOALS FOR 2017? These are some good ones..

 I have a goal for 2017 AGAIN to try and keep up at least ONE entry for each MONTH.. Let myself down this year but time to try try again. I sat down and made a list of goals that are easy and I should be able to do this year,nothing complicated.
I will keep adding them as I go

Throw it away if you have not used it in a year.
Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.
Make numbers on scale keep going DOWN and not UP.
If you take it out,put it back where it came from.
Everything is better without so much salt on it.
A little caffeine will not hurt me, but don't get carried
Keep the food in my mouth and not on my clothes.
Vacuum the floors and dust ONCE a week.
Check for your keys BEFORE you leave and lock the door.

2017 is the year of the FIRE ROOSTER..
it comes every 60 years!! 
Good luck to us all.. 



Seeking Serenity said...

your resolutions look like mine would- I even wrote on my white board WEEKLY next to vacuum, and Donate not throw. Another thing I try to do is Use it up before buying another (shampoo,soap,moisturizer) because there is always another sale :D

Big Dave T said...

My dad had an Aunt Vickie who before she died said to my dad that his family would produce lots of boys. It's been that way since. He had three sons, one daughter. His three sons produced seven grandsons, no granddaughters. My brother even asked Aunt Vickie at her grave to allow him a daughter. Instead he had his third son.

Those sound like good New Year's resolutions. I need to make some yet.

Katie Isabella said...

Hey Sis, I like that fire rooster.
I miss our old days still. I just keep on whining about the good old days. But how EVER we hear from one another is a good way! Can't bring old times back but we sure can be glad of our friendships.

JennyD said...

Man, I make those resolutions almost to the letter every year. Yep, every year. Says something, doesn't it? If I could only KEEP to them!