Tuesday, July 25, 2017


IT'S SO HARD... . I quit bread.. something I love.. I mean L O V E...WHY?It's not a gluten thing I  just don't need those carbs..I quit sandwiches, I quit cornbread with butter, toast, hamburgers, subs,

OH MYYYyyy it's tough... I mean it. I try to not think about it.. I mean HOT biscuits with butter or honey or gravy.. ACKkkkkk   I heard Oprah say.. I LOVE BREAD.. well I feel her pain. Especially when you don't have it any more. You think maybe I will sneak just a roll or just a slice.. NOooo that leads to my weakness..can't do it. I do have a few slices of bread in the freezer in case someone comes and wants a sandwich but NOPE not eating it. It has helped me for sure to cut this out. 
I avoid places where I can smell it baking.. Subway and that fresh bread smell at the grocery bakery. It's like a real killer... BINGE.. nope I have been happy not to do that.. SO FAR 
They do say though, if you cut one thing out of your diet you will crave something else.. 
Winter will come soon and then it will be 


Seeking Serenity said...

does this include wraps? Getting rid of carb sugars is difficult but they do end up on your hips as fat in the end so I try to eat less of them.
More power to you!!!

CAROLDEE said...

To answer that question YES, I do not eat Flour or Corn torillas etc either if I can help it. Crackers now are the next step..Boy that is hard. I love my vegetable crackers. I don't eat chips, cookies or cereal much either.

dellgirl said...

Way to go. I'll be cheering for you. I’m just stopping by to wish you a nice week; checking in, visiting, saying hi.