Saturday, July 18, 2015


When in the world did this happen?? I am asking myself.. when did you get to be "that old woman"?

I overheard some gals talking in the store and they were talking about some old woman. I looked around and saw no one there but me. Well darn, when did this happen? I don't feel that old inside. My gray hair and age showing now, I guess it was bound to happen some day but I am not ready.

 I well remember when a young carry out boy at the grocery store called me "Ma'am" the first time. I was crushed. I was in my late twenties.I guess every age has it's limit.  People live to be 90 and 100 now and that to me is old. Some people look their age and some people don't. It might be time to reconsider coloring my hair and changing my wardrobe. It won't change my age but it might help some. I was reminded lately that I was the OLDEST person at a relatives birthday party. What?? Yes, I looked around and I was.. I was the one complaining about the heat outside and what I could eat and what I could not. Typical talk of one who is older than anyone else there. 

Where did the time go? I think about all the years and all my adventures and the wisdom I have acquired along the way I feel pretty good about it. Getting older is going to happen sooner or later to everyone. My time is now I guess. Time to accept it and move on with life. Watch your health, get better in shape, eat right and be happy with each day you rise up and enjoy another day.

                            JUST HAVE FUN BEING THE YOUNG PERSON...


dellgirl said...

Oh yes, I hear you loud and clear on this. Sometimes I look in the mirror and "wonder"...are these wrinkles ever going to stop showing up. I think I could handle everything else, but the wrinkles I'd gladly get rid of if I could. Hahahaaaaa

Seeking Serenity said...

Aw nuts . yes i remember the days when I used to "worry" about boys looking at me LoL! Now the only ones looking are in their 70's - sigh-

Joe said...

Ironically I felt old the first time at 23...go figure! Age comes to us all but self perception is all important. I'm going to be the coolest 'ol guy ever!