Monday, February 9, 2015


I went GOODWILL hunting for new things for my apartment. Sometimes people get rid of really good items or even NEW ones. On my budget this place is a real Godsend for many things. I decided my new bathroom was WAY too small so I needed a new look that would make it look bigger. I had a lot of dark towels and such that made it small. I changed my look to more of a beach style, lighter and brighter.  The very next week look what I found.. it started the ball rolling, from there I got shells, new towels and then I found ....several beach items that really helped set the tone.  Great prices and just what I wanted.. how lucky can you get.  It's a work in progress..I keep adding things. Another trip to the GOODWILL again and I might just get it all finished.. I won't stop looking there, you NEVER know what you will find!! ONE MAN'S TRASH IS ANOTHER MAN'S TREASURE!!

This was marked down because the back had a small hole in it. $2.99
This was $1.99
Made a nightlight out of this. $1.99


Shana M said...

Good finds!!!!!!

Nancy Mahlendorf said...

Your bathroom will look very beachy....great finds!

Joe said...

Decorations make the room, even the bathroom!

nguyen Maria said...

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dellgirl said...

Good Will Hunting, huh? What a cool name, I love it. Your bathroom is going to be gorgeous with these beautiful finds.